We manage and coordinate the complete process of shipping & trucking management  and have a variety of specialised professionals that possess the qualifications, ranging from bosun, to lead deckhand and deckhand to helmsman and captain. We collaborate with selected international partners in order to satisfy your requirement for crew members and bring potential new employees to your attention.

We arrange all aspects governed by legislation and regulations, insurance issues, staff management and administration, salaries and social contributions. All the employees on our books are covered by accident and sickness insurance and receive 80% of their net wages when sick.

For more information, please contact us. We will be delighted to answer any questions you have and make a quotation for your specific requirements.

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ISTM International Shipping & Trucking Management has several ships in its management portfolio, including tanker ships, container ships, cruise ships, liquid cargo barges, pusher tugs, ships for transporting chemicals and ships for transporting dry goods, bunkering fuel and for edible oils. We provide experienced professionals for all these disciplines. They are all capable of working as ‘self-managing team players’ and possess the right (social) skills, linguistic abilities and professional expertise in order to achieve your business objectives.  


If you have an urgent need for experienced and flexible drivers, ISTM International Shipping & Trucking Management can quickly propose a short-list of suitable candidates subject to favourable conditions and rates. Having satisfied your immediate requirement, we then discuss with you how we can quickly and adequately propose the right candidate for expanding your organisation’s transport capabilities.

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